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App & Web Development

Full service SEO, website design & development for our clients. We believe in efficient business systems, and deliver a strong product with blazing fast turnaround times.

Blockchain & Crypto Solutions

At Chelle Service Capital Inc., we constantly ask ourselves “What’s Next?” We enter traditional lines of business with a mission to innovate and progress into the future. Ask us about our very own Chelle Coin (CHL), which is active and available via Uniswap.

Making Crypto Investments Easy

Our firms use technology to support a customer-centered approach to business, remove barriers to investing for regular people, and increase investor returns with exposure to cryptocurrency.

Cutting edge real estate investing

Combining cryptocurrency with modern investment technologies​

Chelle Coin (CHL) is the center of the AQRE real estate eco-system. Use CHL to purchase physical Real Estate through our AQRE Home platform or invest in our real estate NFTs through the AQRE App. The CHL supply decreases as users invest in real estate NFTs. Each real estate NFT has observable characteristics such as payouts, location, allocation capacity and more. The only way to access AQRE’s real estate NFTs is through CHL. This makes CHL the first token backed by performing North American real estate.


AQRE Lending

With AQRE Lending, we set out to redefine the borrowing process to be a personal and effortless experience.


Introducing a new way to invest, combining 10%+ yields from real estate with the limitless profit potential of cryptocurrency.

Chelle Coin Logo

Chelle Coin

Chelle Coin (CHL) is the center of the AQRE real estate eco-system. Use the CHL token to purchase physical Real Estate.

Land We Love

Land We Love is our volunteer-run organization that dedicates 100% of funds to improving the wellbeing of Jamaican youth.


The Comfort Of Crypto

Use your AQRE debit card and pay anywhere using your crypto currency.

The AQRE Debit card secures your digital assets with encryption, ensuring the safety of your funds and transactions. You can order and manage your AQRE card at the comfort of the AQRE App, which gives you worldwide access to your credit line.


Do More With Chelle Coin (CHL)

Buy, Sell & Rent with Crypto

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent your dream home with Chelle Coin or sell your property for cash or crypto, AQRE Home is here to help! Buy a new home:  AQRE Home can help you turn your Chelle Coin into the home of your dreams! Sell your home quickly and with confidence and get paid in USD or Crypto! Not ready to buy? Find a home you love and easily rent with Chelle Coin.

Mortgages have changed.

Get the mortgage you deserve.

Getting a mortgage for your first home, renewing or refinancing your mortgage or consolidating your debt has never been easier. We offer customized mortgage products and services, in terms you can understand. We’ve changed mortgages for the better, so you can worry less and live life to the fullest.


Full Website Design

At Chelle Service Capital, we and our subsidiary companies are all about making technology easier for our clients.

Trusted by thousands of business owners. We are truly passionate about modern technology & making it work for you.



"Recently partnered with Chelle Service Capital to close on a multi family property in the US. The coaching and advice provided by Ronice and her team was invaluable! Looking forward to doing business again in the future!"



"In the last 4 years, I've watched Chelle Service Capital go from being a small start up, to becoming a company with offices in multiple countries. In my opinion, because of their innovation, Chelle Service Capital will continue to grow. I think they are just getting started!!"



Let’s Work Together

Our team is standing by to help you level up your website, app, or knowledge of cryptocurrency investments.